Monday, September 22, 2014

Finding Peace in the Noise

also, I understand why Jesus wept.

Last week a fierce bug swept through the home, though it seemed not to care about Dear Husband. (DH) The boy seemed to be getting over it, though the chest cough was still hanging around. He even went to church with DH while I stayed home with the girl. Sunday began okayish but as the day went on, the boy went downhill.

By the afternoon you’d have not known that he had been playing on his bicycle. He had a moderately high fever(according to our Clicks thermometer) he was shivering, he was hot then cold, he was feeling weak and unable to even sit down. He was miserable and red and sick and just plain yucky…We prayed for him then it was bedtime, which was when he threw up in bed, no energy to run to the bathroom. I went to sort him out and found his sister giving him her favourite stuffed toy. That’s when I knew her heart was being touched with pity. She was now miserable and upset and sad so I told her we could pray for him again, after she was done serving him his drink. We then gave him activated charcoal for the vomiting and told her it was REALLY now time for her to go to bed.

Her face crumpled and she wept. Talk about breaking my heart. I wanted to melt. Poor thing. She tearfully said, “I can’t sleep.” I asked her why not-so she could say it in her own words -and she said, “I’m worried about Bk” and the tears flowed even faster. And that gave me deeper knowledge of why Jesus wept when he heard the sisters of Lazarus weeping and saying, “If you were here, he wouldn’t have died.” Truly, Jesus is moved with the same sorrows that move us.

After letting her spend more time with him, after convincing her that No, sleeping in his room would lead to her also having a restless night, after letting her read more of her mission book than normal, she agreed to sleep. And he slept too-fitfully at first-but he was finally able to sleep.

This morning, he seems ok. Of course that’s how yesterday began. But for now, there’s noise. They are singing at the top of their voices, “Lift Him Up the Risen Saviour” and my head is POUNDING. I hope that I am not also going to succumb to the same fevered, nauseous, weak state that the boy was in, seeing as I seem to be following the same path with the other symptoms. Then again, it could be from a month of sleeplessness (Thanks to IBS rearing its ugly insomniac head now that I’m not using those herbs) Now they’re playing and screeching. Talk about adding insult to injury. But the noise brings peace. No-one is in pain. None of them is feeling so terrible that they can’t even lift their head from their pillow. They are happy. The girl is not worried about her brother.

There is peace in the noise. A peace that had started building when I saw them exchanging a long, heartfelt hug earlier in the morning. That peace grew when the boy was able to make his way to his sister’s room to do what boys do best-make noise. Who am I kidding? Do what children do best-make noise!

And I will not let the subsequent misbehaviour (Yeah, it’s taking me a while to write this post with all the breakfast preparing I’m doing) rob me of that peace. The joys of parenting! And I will let the unsolicited apology add a bit MORE peace too ;-)

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Childish Ignorance is Bliss for the Mom!

photo (17)

My dear children seem to think all other people out there are monsters.

How else would you explain what my 8 year old just said?

“You’re my best mommy. I’m so glad you’re my only mom and no-one else. Other mommies wouldn’t be so nice to me. They wouldn’t let me rest when I’m sick and they wouldn’t let me make my own food.” My son adds, “Yes, you’d tell us to go outside all the time, even when it’s cold!”

They also think I’m the coolest thing since sliced bread because I can understand the people here-they speak Afrikaans.

I love how they think everyone else is an ogre. I’ll enjoy their ignorance while it lasts, before the scales fall off and they realise I’m nothing special ;-)

(Still not online properly. Telkom actually –allegedly-came but it turns out the intercom isn’t working so they buzzed and assumed we weren’t home because there was no answer. Not sure why they didn’t call or even hoot to make sure! Boohoo!)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Don’t Make Her Stay

There’s a dangerous “no middle ground” situation in some circles, where moving out of the marital home is equated to divorce, which of course, “God hates.” What then happens is that people are then told not to separate, but to stay with their abusive spouse because “That’s what God wants.”


Unless it will significantly mar your or especially your children’s situation (in terms of food, shelter etc) you have the right to leave him if he’s beating you! Even written inspiration says so. I have seen situations where physical abuse has happened multiple times over a period of years, where the husband is blaming the wife, where his abuse has even caused a miscarriage, where the husband has beaten the wife even with flatmates around…And you’re thinking I’m going to agree with you that the poor woman must STAY?? No way. What will you say when he kills her?

Her body belongs to God. And in order for her to take good care of her body temple, she needs to ensure no-one is harming it. More importantly, she needs to ensure she is not placing her body purposefully in harm’s way.

What then happens once she is in a place of safety is another story. Yes, I will not condone divorce (it’s unbiblical in this case) but I will agree that HE needs serious mental health aid, serious repentance and conversion and much prayer..and casting out of a demon or two before I even think about discussing whether she should go back or not. Even then, I would not give any specific advice either way, just listen to what the woman wants and take it from there.

I digress. My plea is, don’t make her stay with a man who beats her because of some misguided understanding of the Bible. Don’t pressure her into sharing a bed with a man who has beaten her with his fists and appliances. Her body, her life, everything of hers is primarily owned by God, the husband just borrows it with the understanding that he will nurture her and cherish her like the precious weaker vessel she is. If you won’t promise to live in their bedroom, be in their presence 24/7, don’t ever make a woman stay in the presence of an unrepentant, repeat offender.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Turning the Other Cheek in America

I have an unpopular opinion, “unpopular” based on comments I see when certain people have fallen victim to racial profiling.

1) If a lot of people of a certain group commit certain acts, over and over again for YEARS, can others be blamed for fearing that others of that group might also fall into that class? What about the fact that even people within that same group hold the same stereotypes about their own group? What about the black store owners who also follow black ‘thug-looking’ types?

2) Why do we hold to our ‘rights’ and dignity so much that we end up losing even MORE rights and being subjected to further indignity? They ask you for your ID, you say ‘no,’ because they have no right to demand it. They then punish you for that by putting you in handcuffs..or heaven forbid, by shooting you dead. Where’s the dignity in that? As Christians there’s a meekness that is actually power. The meekness that says, “Fine, you want to steal my coat, take the other one too.”

We have let ‘self’ rise so much that anything that is an insult to us, is reacted to in a manner unbefitting Christians. Jesus owned the world, but He ‘agreed’ to pay tax. People know they aren’t criminals, agree to the injustice of being ‘checked out’ then go about your merry way, shaking your head at the insanity of it all. Such things happen in different situations and people have been able to shrug off the madness and complain about it later with friends.

Sometimes letting go of pride is seen as a sign of letting go of who you are. It’s time we found our identity in Christ who subjected Himself to much indignity and shame for NO GOOD REASON except to save us. Why not also subject yourself to such indignity, knowing that you will be vindicated when they run that check and find out you are innocent; hen they check your licence details and realise you have no unpaid fines?

There is godly strength in humility-may God help us to exercise it.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

1 Imperfect Mom +1 Imperfect Dad

=1 Crazy Couple

                         photo (16)

The romance does not die. It cannot die. Not when your hearts have been knit together with cords put together by an Eternal creator. The hearts beat as one. The cares are halved and the joys multiplied. Different but same. Imperfect but desiring perfection.

An imperfect dad reading what I’m writing and telling me he’s perfect ;-)

An imperfect dad who randomly tells me, “I know you’re feeling happy that you married me!” Or, “You should be happy you love me.”

I will never take my marriage for granted. There are too many friends of mine who are hurting right now for me to ever forget that this is a blessing. This is slice of heaven on earth. This is an imperfect dad plus an imperfect mom somehow managing to to be perfect (well, according to their children anyway, teehee). I can’t begin to imagine what life will be like when everything that vexes the soul, when everything that brings sorrow is gone. I’m thankful for what I have now. But I know that the future is even better. And so I thank God for the future too. Whatever it holds is welcome, for the One who holds the future holds me too.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Thankful for Windows Live Writer

Until we get ADSL so we can go online, I’m pretty much cut off from the online world. I can’t even upload any pictures of our surroundings over here nor view your blogs etc.

I didn’t realise how much I rely on the internet to keep in touch with people!

So, anyway, just letting you know I will be back again. Right now I’m writing this post using Windows Live Writer.

I will say though before I go, that it’s pretty neat to hear birdsong so much! :-)

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Ignorance is Bliss:Random Rambling

People keep going on about Cape Town being the most racist place in South Africa. Yes, I have noticed things that were OBVIOUS slights and crazy comments based on my skin colour, but other times, I just assumed the person was just being rude because well, they are inherently rude.

Now thanks to all the consistent articles about Cape Town and its alleged super racism, I start to wonder, “Hmm, if I wasn’t black, would they act this way?”

Not a good way to think. I’ll just go back to assuming I’m just dealing with a generally miserable person with a huge chip on their shoulder. Either way, they need prayers!

PS. We’ve moved. We no longer live in Cape Town. Now for life in a small town called Moorreesburg 100km OUT of the city…Registration of our (old) house in the buyers’ names should be happening this week and registration of this (new) house into our name should be happening next week. Until then, it feels like we’re just in a hotel.