Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Ignorance is Bliss:Random Rambling

People keep going on about Cape Town being the most racist place in South Africa. Yes, I have noticed things that were OBVIOUS slights and crazy comments based on my skin colour, but other times, I just assumed the person was just being rude because well, they are inherently rude.

Now thanks to all the consistent articles about Cape Town and its alleged super racism, I start to wonder, “Hmm, if I wasn’t black, would they act this way?”

Not a good way to think. I’ll just go back to assuming I’m just dealing with a generally miserable person with a huge chip on their shoulder. Either way, they need prayers!

PS. We’ve moved. We no longer live in Cape Town. Now for life in a small town called Moorreesburg 100km OUT of the city…Registration of our (old) house in the buyers’ names should be happening this week and registration of this (new) house into our name should be happening next week. Until then, it feels like we’re just in a hotel.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thankful for the Trials

If we can’t share how we have gone through our trials, how will others know that there IS another side? How will they know that they aren’t alone? How will they know that you can smile through the tears if they don’t know that you’re shedding them?

Paul (and sister White, come to think of it) wrote so much about his sufferings yet he never wrote in a self-pitying way. Above all, he glorified God, even though he was suffering (besides the thorn in the flesh) precisely because of his service to God. To strike that balance, to talk about the triumph rather than the trial, that is my goal. We all suffer in different ways, and how one overcomes, or lives with it, is a means of telling someone else that it CAN be done, even with a smile upon the face, for Jesus carries one through. Safe in His arms, what better place to be? Especially when you can no longer carry yourself!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Did They Come When Honey Was Away?

Two weeks ago, Dear Husband returned from the UK. While he was away, there was a night when I heard knocking. It was around 21:30. It went on for a while and when I went out to secretly investigate, I heard male voices and then a car door closing and off the went. It scared me for some time then I slept after checking that everything was locked.

Friday night –it’s on my niece’s caringbridge site (link on the right of this page) so I don’t want to re-hash it- some men tried to break in while I was on my home and hubby and children had fallen asleep. It was Nigerian men in a car.

What makes me sad is that my Honey thought I was trying to desperately get in while being attacked. He came out yelling and they said they’d shoot him. Imagine your thoughts, “My beloved is desperately trying to get in and there are Nigerian men shouting that they will shoot if I come to the door. But I have to, I can’t leave her with them!” They then seemingly saw my car because as I was driving down the road, they pulled out and drove away, past me. (I, of course, had no clue what was going on.)

On the other hand, I get home and it’s pitch dark inside and quiet. Which was pretty normal, it WAS night time after all and sometimes when Honey has a sermon to present he sleeps early and wakes up super early to work on.) I slowly realise though that there were signs of forced entry. My thoughts raced, “Why is everything quiet yet I can see that thieves got past the security gate at the door and the door itself has been tampered with? Why isn’t my husband here? Why is everything quiet and lights off? Have they killed my family? Should I call the police? Should I drive away and pretend I haven’t seen anything? What happened here?”

How many people have lived not only those fears, but the reality? How many people have seen worse things happen? How many wives and children and husbands have been kidnapped and their loved ones live with anxiety every single day of their lives?

This world is not our home. In fact, on this world, even home isn’t home. Home is supposed to be a place of safety, of nurture, of peace. But it’s not. The Bible has showed us how to get home, may we follow the “Way, the Truth and the Life.”

Thursday, August 21, 2014

All Because of a Wedding Dress


photo (13)

My Thankful Thursday post is about my afternoon yesterday. My self-proclaimed first- born ‘daughter’ has been in Cape Town for some time now, and the day we are to move out the city, she’s meant to go back home…Time is running out. She had noted pictures we took at a friend’s wedding and really loved the dress. On the other hand, this recently wedded friend loved the pictures *I* was sharing that included this ‘daughter’ of mine.

The scene was set.

We decided I should somehow make a plan for them to meet face to face. Time to move from seeing each other only on Facebook. And dear husband moved seamlessly into place by volunteering to take the afternoon off and being on Daddy Duty while I went of gallivanting ;-)

Yes, I’m going to include the ‘not ready yet’ picture from yesterday. We had lots that looked ‘better’ but why show only the best?

photo (14)

It was awesome! It was as if we all had this strong bond from looooooooooong ago! We couldn’t stop talking. What makes it even better is that our conversation was about our experiences, and our spiritual walk. There was no frivolity involved, it was serious, yet light-hearted. Yes, watching our loved ones lose their way isn’t a light topic, but at the same time we encouraged each other to stick firmly to what we know so our eyes may be opened to even greater truths that we do not yet know. It was a blessing! I came away refreshed, revived, renewed…I felt like a woman in her own right, not ‘only’ a mother.

All because Noxolo admired Nozie’s wedding dress!


Monday, August 18, 2014

Why I Love My Church (One of the reasons)

We study a chapter a Sabbath and the rpesenters are allowed to do whatever they want with that chapter-be it stick to one principle from it,go through it verse by verse, explain the context…It’s up to them.

                               photo (11)(That’s what happens when you’re getting ready to take a picture of the food and someone else gets a picture of you first! You look so engrossed…)

Now, why I love my church is that when truth comes, we try and follow that truth as much as we can. So, when we got to Isaiah 53, we decided that on our quarterly fasts, we wouldn’t just not eat, we would ensure we fed the hungry instead. Not only that, but we decided that feeding the hungry only once a quarter is not enough, so we now know that every first Sabbath, we fast, and share our food either with hospital patients or the homeless. We’ve been doing fruit packs but this past “fasting Sabbath” we brought what we would usually bring for fellowship lunch and put it into takeaway containers and handed them out to the homeless nearby.

                           photo (12)

Why do I love my church? Because we (majority) hasten to obey. There is nothing quite so wonderful as bring a smile to someone’s face.

When the trials come

give them to Jesus.

He will take your tears in a bottle and one day He will wipe those tears away.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

I gave a bodkin away!

Because my ‘firstborn’ daughter has also started latched locs! Hers are thicker so not sure that they’ll go through but if not, I already know someone who can help her find a latchhook to use! Woohoo! Yep, there are more natural ladies out there. The army is growing!

My friend loc’d her hair after we did some lessons at church on health and modesty as pertaining to hair from 1 Tim 2:9,10           photo She has a guy who tightens it every 3 months with a crochet needle. She can’t do her own hair, has a badly injured arm with a metal plate in it.

Last month (and today) hubby helped me tighten Eliora’s locs (I still have 2 bodkins. I thought I lost one so bought another. Then I thought I lost the new one and bought another. Only to find the other two. Told you I ramble!)

                                          photo (10)

And my hair…Still growing. (Ignore the skew bandanna!) We both tighten once a month-2point pattern.

                                             photo (1)