Monday, May 25, 2015

What’s on the Menu?


(This is really for those who are new to the whole baby thing and want to see and compare what others are doing for first meals for their little ones.)

We’ve tried sweet potato, rice cereal, wheat cereal, maize porridge, potato, leek, pumpkin, butternut, carrot and a bit of water. The water came on two days because little Miss became constipated when she tried the sweet potato. We’ve scrapped that one till she’s a bit older. That plus the leek gave her terrible gas and colic and we definitely don’t want to go there again!

So what’s on the menu for this week? Banana (first time today and will continue for 3 days to test the reaction) and then peas on Thursday, Friday and Sabbath. I boiled them then pureed them in the blender. The others I mainly used the food processor for. I’ve added flax seed that I ground, in some meals but I want to first give her the veggies and fruits then add the Omega’s. At least her formula has everything she needs right now anyway she’s still got enough good fats.

The containers in the photo above? I cook in bulk and then freeze enough for two meals per container, defrosting overnight then warming up in the morning. I actually would love even more containers so I can cook more and freeze more. Thankfully our power cuts haven’t been too severe AND with the gas stove, warming up the food wouldn’t be a problem anyway.

FullSizeRender (19)

So that’s what’s been on the menu, taken off the menu, and is next on the menu. Fruits/ veggies in the morning, and the cereals/porridges at 5pm. We want to keep those chubby legs chubby ;-)

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Submissive Sister

(As posted in our Group)

A humble and submissive woman is not weak. She's intelligent and knows exactly what is right. If her husband is being a Nabal, she will speak against his foolish ways and will refuse to go headlong with him into stupidity...

She's strong in her faith and in her Lord. If he tells her to do something stupid to prove her love or else he will leave her, she will tell him he's obviously not the right one for her. Plus she already has a Man who wants only what's best for her.

She will say yes because it's right, not because she wants to "keep her man" from straying.

She will say no when it's wrong because her identity is in her Creator, not in a man.

She serves with strength and dignity. She does things the old - fashioned way because she believes in "that old time religion."

She is submissive because she chose to say yes to a man worthy of her time and attention.

She said yes to a man who respects her values, her thoughts and opinions. She said yes to a man who treats her like his equal.

She is not weak. Her choice shows strength. She is no doormat, her husband chose her because he likes how she thinks and wants to use her intelligence to strengthen their TEAM.

She is like Christ. As quiet as a lamb but can roar like a lion. Her hands can heal and soothe or they can overturn the money - changers' tables and fashion a cord of whips.

She is all power.

She is all power because HIS strength is made perfect in her acknowledged weakness. ~Thandi

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Under No Delusions

My son says I should change the name of my blog because I am perfect, not imperfect. I am under no delusions! Nor am I mistaken about the children too. When strangers glimpse them in a shop and tell me how well-behaved they are, I always feel like saying, “Just spend a day with them and you’ll see how misbehaved they really are!”

                   IMG_3246 (My husband says I must make sure that people know that this is not our ugly sofa, this was at the Crisis Pregnancy Centre where we did handover:-))

Yes, compared to some children, they’re not that bad, but we know better. And trying to reach that potential is the part that makes me fall on my knees in utter despair. How do I reach their hearts when I myself am imperfect? It’s useless my asking them if they’ve ever heard me speak a certain way, pout, snap etc. My modeling good behaviour is not enough because I cannot change their hearts.

I need God.

And patience.

“Parents, are you working with unflagging energy in behalf of your children? The God of heaven marks your solicitude, your earnest work, your constant watchfulness. He hears your prayers. With patience and tenderness train your children for the Lord. All heaven is interested in your work. Angels of light will unite with you as you strive to lead your children to heaven. God will unite with you, crowning your efforts with success. Christ delights to honor a Christian family; for such a family is a symbol of the family in heaven.” RH, Jan 29, 1901

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Am I Meek Christian?

"Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth." Matt 5:5

Isn’t it great that the very One who calls for meekness is willing to help us attain it? I’ve started memorising Phil 4 and Matt 5 and was pleasantly ‘surprised’ to find a passage in my morning reading (2am is now my reading time, ahh, the ‘joys’ ;-))  that beautifully describes meekness.

“Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.” Matt 11:29

“But let it be the hidden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price.For after this manner in the old time the holy women also, who trusted in God, adorned themselves, being in subjection unto their own husbands.” 1 Pet 3:4,5

"Meekness is a precious grace, willing to suffer silently, willing to endure trials. Meekness is patient and labors to be happy under all circumstances. Meekness is always thankful and makes its own songs of happiness, making melody in the heart to God. Meekness will suffer disappointment and wrong, and will not retaliate. Meekness is not to be silent and sulky. A morose temper is the opposite of meekness; for this only wounds and gives pain to others, and takes no pleasure to itself.".—1873, Testimonies for the Church 3:335.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Are We Done with the Adoption Process?

So, is that it?

Far from it!

The day we collected our baby and went to Children's Court was the day we submitted our "Application for Adoption." After that is done, your social workers then wait for their (I think quarterly, not sure) meetings with Dept of Social Development where they submit all the adoption applications and other documents. These then get taken by the Dept and handed in (if they approve) to Court and await approval by the Presiding Officer -something that can take 6 months!

After that it goes to the next Court, Registrar of adoptions etc till we get the Adoption Order! This is when we can then begin the legal process of changing her name and and applying for new birth certificate with new name, surname etc. Her old ID number then also changes. We have copies of her birth certificate and all mum's details too so she never loses her origins. THEN we apply for passport and she can then travel overseas. This whole thing takes about 18 months to two years!

Our stuff was submitted to Court yesterday (19 May) by DSD so we now wait (the potential 6 months before it moves onto the next place.) In the meantime we got our interim court order placing her legally in our care pending finalization of adoption. She's already on our medical aid but it's weird to have her birth name, not ours which I assume birth mom already thinks is in use everywhere. I know she definitely liked my Sotho option ;-)

And so we wait. Hey, at least the meeting with DSD and our social workers was only a month after placement, could have been a longer wait which would have put everything back even more!

And that is where we are, folk!

Monday, May 18, 2015

THIS is Why I Blog

"Dad, you are a very, very busy man. You need rest. You are a father who is stern but very kind. I can't describe how faithful you are. Don't you think that I must keep praying for you? Yes!
Sleep well, from Ella

Mom, you are a really, really beautiful mom. You buy us things we don't deserve. What a mother you are! You are deeply loved by me and your family. You are the person I need most in this world. You have good humor. Have a good night and sleep well, very well! From Ella xxx"


Ok, no, that’s not why. I’m just sharing what was pushed under the door while I was trying to put little one to sleep. It totally made my night!

As a young sister mentioned, I’m very open on here. It comes with its pitfalls because I have changed and some things are plain embarrassing to even recall. And I’ve been TOO open which comes with a need for rebuke. Or painted things in the wrong light and given the wrong impression. But we all need to see how far God has brought us, right? We see better men than me and how they’ve matured as they walked with Christ, like Peter and how he changed while with Him, and after He left. A warm, non-prejudiced man was born through years of struggle. And I hope I too will have such a legacy when it’s my time to die. I want my flaws to be seen, as well as their disappearance. Though honestly, I’d rather Jesus just came before that happened!

I received an email from a dear young sister who I met online, met at church and continue being friends with online because we are far from each other. She’s also very open about her flaws and areas of growth (with me) and I’m enjoying watching her grow spiritually and reading her Christian posts HERE. She’s actually doing what I thought my blog would morph into, a sort of online devotional of the things that touch me as I study and read. She said some things that made me so glad that we adopted. You see, we were (are) intentionally open about adoption so that more black people adopt. But I had no clue that it would inspire people to think of plain old motherhood in a different way. And that is why I blog-to bring new perspectives. And that is why I read blogs-to gain new perspectives.

The online world can be filled with sarcasm, foul moods, excuses for being unkind, but it’s also got many Christians who are there hoping that God will mould them into what He wants them to be. We aren’t here to criticise or condemn, we just want to learn from each other’s experiences. To see Christ manifest in His creatures, giving us hope that we too can have His light shining through us.

I told you I was blessed!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Yes, but


Yes, I have ‘less’ free time but my time belongs to God anyway, and I get the feeling He has no problem with how I’m spending His time.

Yes, my facet joint arthritis is exacerbated by carrying a little one, but it was also exacerbated by exercise. Neither of those is bad for me and little ones eventually learn to crawl and walk ;-)

Yes, we have less finances but it’s more than repaid by her gummy smiles!

Yes, we didn’t do this to benefit ourselves, but I feel like she has blessed me beyond measure.

Yes, I quit school when I knew we would adopt, but with my degree and CBT diploma, I have enough ‘education’ anyway. And am still learning in the School of Christ-a school I’ll never leave.

Yes, homeschool has an extra pupil, but she’s a great listener when the children need to revise their lessons. In the photo they are revising their Science lessons.


Yes, a distant relative has decided not to accept our daughter, but I never craved their acceptance anyway. What’s most important is that my mother and father absolutely adore her and were so excited to meet her at last.

Yes, my children have an extra sibling who takes up my time, but they wish she could take up even more of their time-as evidenced by my daughter preferring to keep her rather than to put her in her cot. Yes, I woke her form her unplanned nap before she dropped her little sister ;-)


Yes, my hands are VERY full but man, my heart overflows with love. I told my husband a few hours ago that despite the lack of sleep and busy-ness this has made my life. I’m enjoying mothering an infant. I always knew I was born to mother…And I’m enjoying it.

I am blessed more than I could ever imagine.